Saturday, 24 May 2014

Weekend charts

Yesterday was a good one. Richard aka Springheeljack from who is an exceptionally good chartist and the first person I started following on twitter, referred my blog to his 2000 followers. He is my first read everyday. His contribution to my trading technique is enormous and I cannot thank him enough for that. I strongly recommend his site and twits. 

I made a change to the face of my blog. I thought the previous one was too dark, literally :). It was hard to read on tablets. I'm even thinking of switching to wordpress but it needs some IT effort and time which I don't have abundantly. Anyway, I hope you like the new colours. 

As you usually read from my posts I do not only chart but I also trade with those charts. Therefore, you can read my mood swings between the lines. By saying this, I mean I put my money where my mouth is. This is not always the case in the financial world. Secondly, I sometimes change my mind quickly during the day after seeing a different view in the charts. I cannot communicate this to you until that evening. Sometimes I make twitter posts but it's not enough. Hence, you need to make sure you put your stop losses and do your own homework and learn charting. 

If you are a buy & hold investor or a perma bull, I urge you to look at the next chart. I think it looks pretty scary. 

Have a great long weekend to all.