Sunday, 26 April 2015

Weekend charts


  1. Great set of charts as usual....if you feel up to it, the NDX chart would be a good add here.

    And a very interesting start with ole yeller for the week. Someone kicked that dog hard.

  2. Thanks. i already have too much on my plate. Can't take on NDX really. Gold bounced hard, broke it and hit the orange resistance today

  3. I'm thinking the DOW is just NDX in drag these days anyway when looking at volume.
    Apple Inc 96,522,611
    Microsoft Corp 59,217,947
    Pfizer Inc 42,482,338
    GE 36,214,596
    Intel Corp 25,868,738
    Cisco 22,952,006

  4. Let’s throw in another hat and see if we can get a look view over the horizon. This is Chart Pattern Traders monthly dollar chart. It sure looks like a blow off that’s peaked and ready to roll over hard. The RSI and MACD are a bit telling also. Obviously this would have the reverse effect on the present Gold bear and may be another sign equities are just about to take gas. And I do find the hot blow off in certain tech stocks at the moment a bit foreboding. Amazon up 18% in the last month. MFST 17%. That’s a bit insane.

  5. No comment...

  6. …the strait of Hormuz is not a very wide passage way. Waiting in the weeds for someone to stray into your territorial waters is a bit provocative

    “Iranian naval ships fired across the bow of a Marshall Islands-flagged cargo vessel in the Strait of Hormuz on Tuesday, and forced it to head to Iranian territory, US defense officials said.

    At least five Iranian ships demanded that the Maersk Tigris, which
    had no Americans on board, head to Larak Island.

    The cargo ship's captain "declined" the demand and one
    of the Iranian vessels "fired shots" across the bow of the Maersk
    Tigris, Pentagon spokesman Colonel Steven Warren said.

    The cargo ship then "complied with the Iranian demand and
    proceeded into Iranian waters in the vicinity of Larak Island," Warren

    The US military's Central Command ordered a naval destroyer to the
    area and military aircraft were monitoring the situation, he said.

    The destroyer was directed "to proceed at best speed to the
    nearest location of the Maersk Tigris," he said.

  7. The latest news is the Iranian Navy trotted out into international
    waters within the Straight and culled this Cargo ship from within morning
    traffic. The arrow shows where the Cargo ship is presently located.