Saturday, 16 May 2015

Weekend charts

There has been quite a lot of interest in the mentoring sessions. I'm glad to have some new students starting the mentoring classes this week. Some of the readers had the impression that I could do it free of charge. This blog is still free but as the mentoring is a one-on-one lesson I cannot possibly commit such an amount of time without a cost attached to it. This blog started as a hobby, takes 45 mins everyday, and it evolved to something which a lot of people come to visit before the next day's trading session. The technique described in my charts seems quite simple but it's not easy. There are many rules that I apply that work pretty good for my trading. There are 100s of bloggers using channels so you can also see 100s of different channels on a single market. In my mentoring, I explain my train of thought before entering trades and how I find the entry points. Let me show them to you if you are willing to do this on your own and trade what you see not what you anticipate. The confidence you will gain will stay with you all your life.


  1. shortlongshafted20 May 2015 at 01:17

    Hi bouraq. Love the charts . Do you ever consider conflicting markets? I.e. your buy recommendation for the dax combined with the Eur usd support call? These two markets seen to be in direct opposition. Which do you think is stronger. Dax to tank?

  2. Thanks. So Euro long and Dax short are consistent with each other. However, I don't see a direct one-to-one correlation between the two if you look at the charts in the last 6 years. Frankly, I look at each chart on its own. Euro is breaking down by the way so that technical picture is kinda ruined.